Police chase fugitive Pennsylvania killer Danelo Cavalcante, who is armed

According to the authorities, on Tuesday morning, they were in pursuit of Danelo Cavalcante, an escaped convict in Pennsylvania. They alerted residents in the surrounding areas to be cautious as the fugitive murderer was believed to be carrying a weapon.

According to a brief statement from the Pennsylvania State Police, they are currently in pursuit of 34-year-old Cavalcante in South Coventry Township, located in Chester County just northwest of Philadelphia.

Authorities are advising the public to refrain from approaching the individual and to secure their homes by locking all doors and windows. It is imperative that everyone stays indoors until further notice.

After altering his appearance, Cavalcante was spotted in the neighboring town of Phoenixville on Sunday, which is when news of his whereabouts emerged.

Last month, Cavalcante received a life sentence without parole for the fatal stabbing of his ex-girlfriend.

According to the police, he was trying to reach out to his former colleagues to seek support.

On August 31st, the surveillance footage at Chester County Prison in Pocopson Township captured his escape. The video depicted him stretching himself across the wall of an exercise yard before climbing onto the roof.

According to the police, the search for Cavalcante has now transitioned into a lengthier process. This comes after they scoured the vicinity where he left a van that he had stolen.

According to the authorities, he was initially concealing himself in the forest, but eventually relocated to an area with a higher population density.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Clark stated on Monday that the law enforcement now has an advantage in the search for the suspect who was playing tactical hide and seek in the woods. According to Clark, the suspect is now in an urban setting, which is where the investigators excel in their work.

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