Arrests Made in Washington County in Theft Investigation

Two individuals have been apprehended and charged with larceny and grand theft following an inquiry into robbery in the Vernon vicinity.

Lester Glenn appears to be a friendly, approachable person with a welcoming smile on his face. His attire suggests that he is a professional, possibly in the business or finance industry. Overall, the picture conveys a positive and trustworthy impression of Lester Glenn.

Lester Glenn
Lester Glenn

In July, a property owner reported to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office that a sizable antique Texaco sign had gone missing from their property.

After conducting an investigation, authorities successfully retrieved the sign and pinpointed two individuals involved in the incident. The suspects were identified as Gregory Michael Singletary, 27 years old, and Lester Steven Glenn, 55 years old.

Glenn remained at large while Singletary was apprehended on August 30 and was booked into the Washington County Jail on an unrelated charge. After a warrant was issued for Glenn, he was eventually arrested on September 10.

Singletary and Glenn are both in a legal predicament, as they are both facing charges of grand theft.

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