Lockdown implemented at Saint Germain Elementary School

In Saint Germain, Wisconsin, a man who is 63 years old was taken into custody on Friday after a custodial interference incident occurred at Saint Germain Elementary School.

After causing a disturbance, Ronald Olsen Sr. was taken into custody by the authorities.

The School Resource Officer at Northland Pines High School contacted the Vilas County Sheriff’s Office at 11:27 a.m. to report an incident of custodial interference.

According to Wisconsin Statute 948.31, the act of interfering with custody, whether done by a parent or a third party, is defined as follows: “Causing a child to leave, taking away, or withholding a child from their parent(s) for a period exceeding 12 hours” is considered a Class I felony.

During the incident, the main office of Saint Germain Elementary School in the Town of Saint Germain was put on lockdown by the School Resource Officer.

After conducting a thorough investigation, it was concluded that the school, students, and staff were not in any immediate danger. The Vilas County Sheriff’s deputies and a WI DNR Warden were quick to respond to the incident.

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